About us

The past years have seen a huge increase of craft beers brewed in the city of Haarlem, by some really interesting and creative new brewers on the scene. Plenty of new hopspots are popping up throughout the city; Haarlem craft beer is hot!

In Haarlem biking is the way to get around the city. The one thing that connects Dutch beer with a bike tour is: Haarlem Craft Beer Tours!

Haarlem Craft Beer Tours has an average customer rating of 8.6!

Haarlem Craft Beer Tours was born out of our passion for beer. Our company started in Utrecht, and now Haarlem is joining! Take the bike tour and taste the latest craft beers from Haarlem, discover the newest Haarlem hopspots and hotspots, meet the makers/experts and learn the stories behind their (micro)breweries and learn about the brewing process. Doing this as the Dutch do; cycling through the city – off the beaten track!